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The Caboose

Deli Sandwiches - Ice Cream - Homemade Soups & Other Treats

Rutledge Caboose - 102 West Main Street Rutledge, GA     (706) 557-9021

Madison Caboose - 270 West Washington Street Madison, GA   (706) 438-1175

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Open 7 Days a week, all year round.

Hours change seasonally.

Call ahead for more information and our daily specials!

The last caboose to travel the Rutledge rails is sitting on the corner of West Main and Fairplay Road.  The Caboose restaurant opened in 1996 with fudge and ice cream.  Its menu has grown to include deli style sandwiches, Mayfield Ice Cream, and other homemade goodies.

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Second location now open in Madison, GA.  

270 West Washington Street.  706-438-1175